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Contribute To The Chronicle

The Chronicle is always looking for new staff members. Take a look at our open positions, listed below. If something strikes your fancy, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get back to you.

Write For Us

The Chronicle accepts well-thought, informed, and critical opinion pieces (not news stories – we aren’t the AP of Vassar). We always publish the following sections:

From time to time, and as submissions come in, we’ll also publish any article that expresses a coherent and compelling opinion in such areas as the arts & culture, science & technology, philosophy, religion, film, etc. We do not accept works of fiction or literary non-fiction. Please do not submit an article until you’ve contacted us.

Blog For Us

This whole online thing is new to us, but we’d love to have a blogger or two. We’ll accept any sort of blog that we think fits with our general mission, including politics, Vassar, and the arts. If you’re interested in blogging frequently or infrequently, daily or by the minute, get in touch with us.

Become An Editor

Not just content with writing content? Depressed that you don’t get to vote on The Chronicle‘s staff editorial and solicit articles monthly? Got lots of friends and acquaintances that are interested in contributing to Vassar’s only political journal? Well, then, you may be ready to be an editor for The Chronicle. Currently, we’re trying to fill the following positions:

    • Production & Design Editor – Fearlessly leads the production assistants in inputting articles into InDesign and designing The Chronicle‘s innovative layout. Experience with InDesign necessary; basic familiarity with PhotoShop, Illustrator, and other CS software is also necessary, but the more experience the better.
    • Vassar & Local Editor – Writes and solicits opinion pieces about campus politics, climate, and discourse. Although the Misc covers Vassar news, this section critically analyses the implications of Vassar’s policies in the context of higher education and society. Read some articles here.
    • Humour & Satire Editor – Writes and solicits, you guessed it, humour and satire pieces. Be ready to ruthlessly mock Vassar culture and the rest of the world. Take a look at some old humour articles.

Illustrate For Us

Since nobody wants to read a 1500-word block of text, we include images with most of our articles. If you can draw, use Photoshop, or take great photographs, consider submitting your work to The Chronicle. We also regularly commission works when an article would benefit from an illustration to represent the argument being made.

Be On Our Staff

Assistant Editor

If you’re not experienced with the production of newspapers but want experience, then being an assistant editor is a great way to learn and contribute. Each section may have one Assistant Editor (except for National & Foreign Affairs, which can have two). Assistant Editors help section editors solicit and edit articles. They also write at least one article per edition of The Chronicle. Currently, the following sections don’t have assistant editors:

Online Editor

The Online Editor works with the Production & Design Editor to upload articles to The Chronicle website, design and place advertisements online for clients, and ensure that both the front and back end of the website remain up-to-date. The Online Editor will also make suggestions regarding web design and layout. Experience with web design and layout, especially WordPress, is essential. Experience with or willingness to learn PHP, WordPress, HTML, and CSS required. Familiarity with or willingness to learn Adobe CS (esp. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) is also preferred. Knowledge of javascript would be helpful, but is not required.

Production Assistant

Production Assistants work with the Production & Design Editor, placing articles in InDesign and helping with layout. If you’re experienced in InDesign and other Creative Suite software, or want to learn, join us and help produce a beautiful-looking paper.

Copy Editor

Copy Editors are really really REALLY important. Seriously, they separate bad college papers from great ones. The copy editing staff works with the Lead Copy Editor to ensure that every article we publish meets The Chronicle‘s Copy & Style Guide and the AP Stylebook. If you love the English language, grammar, and rhetoric, consider being a copy editor.

Social Media Guru

If you’re good with the interwebs, especially Facebook and Twitter, and want an opportunity to build an enriching and informative social media experience for Vassar, we’d love to have you on board our staff.

Staff Photographer

The Chronicle staff photographer is responsible for documenting significant campus events and taking photographs for articles related to Vassar and the local area. Experience is necessary; access to a high quality digital or film camera is preferred.